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Moneyfacts launches new Consumer Duty Audit Tool for Mortgages

by | Aug 7, 2023

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Following the high demand for its Savings Audit Tool, the new Moneyfacts Consumer Duty Audit Tool for Mortgages is now available to support Consumer Duty compliance.

In its last Consumer Duty update to firms, the Financial Conduct Authority asks: “What data, MI and other intelligence are you using to monitor the fair value of your products and services on an ongoing basis?”

The new powerful Moneyfacts Consumer Duty Audit Tool provides a product level view of Residential Mortgage products, and summary of the market to enable ongoing Fair Value benchmarking, filtering and review of the product portfolio.

John Woods, Moneyfacts Founder and Executive Chairman said: “Following the unprecedented demand for the Moneyfacts Consumer Audit Tool for Savings and conversations we have had with banks and building societies, we know there is already high demand for the Mortgages version of the Moneyfacts Consumer Duty Audit Tool.”


For a free demo, please click here.

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