Podcast #85: Axyon AI explores the transformative impact of AI on the asset management industry 

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This week’s podcast will be focusing on a hot topic of the moment, AI and how this impacts the investment industry. We are living in a world of rapid technological innovation, where AI is on an exponential upward curve. The asset management industry stands on the edge of a transformation and has potentially a lot to benefit from these advancements. 

However, we are heading into territories unknown, and it can be difficult to see where and how these changes can slot into the existing processes and day-to-day activity of wealth managers. And as with any unknown, this creates uncertainty and in some cases concern about whether these advancements will be an opportunity or a threat to the human aspects of fund management. 


Luckily, we managed to speak with an expert on the matter! Daniele Grassi is the founder of Axyon AI, a fintech dedicated to using AI for predictive analytics in financial markets. With over 15 years in the tech industry and a solid background in finance and AI, he leads the business, aiming to transform investment management through the use of AI. 

Listen in to see if it’s lights out for the human touch or if the future is bright with collaboration.

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