1/3 of all Americans’ personal income over the last year was posted to them by the government

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Today on Twitter, the Wall Street Journal lauds TikTok as “the place to go for financial advice if you’re a young adult,” while the account @TikTokInvestors offers a pretty pertinent rebuttal.  Elsewhere awkward questions for the FCA over the £230m Park First investment scandal and Jim Bianco shares fascinating new data on American’s personal income over the last year.


First, some have disagreed with the Wall Street Journal’s headline.

And to give you a flavour of what you might be missing out on, here is @TikTokInvestors promoted post for today.

Meanwhile, the state of Fintech in the UK seems to be catching up with the likes of Tik Tok.

Elsewhere Central Banks in across the globe are trying to fend off digital currencies.

Paul Lewis isn’t best pleased about the FCA’s handling of the Park First fallout.

And finally Jim Bianco shares new data showing Americans’ personal income over the last year, and the effects of giant government stimulus as it stands right now.

What are your thoughts on these tweets?

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