Podcast #9 Why structuring your client’s retirement investment portfolio needs a serious rethink; with Ninety One’s Iain Cunningham

by | Aug 17, 2022

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Given the economic headwinds of inflation and the (considerable) threats to global growth which exist today, the old 60/40 asset allocation model can often be found lacking, especially when we look ahead to what the next 10 years might have in store.

The subject for this week’s podcast is rather topical. It’s whether retirement portfolio management needs a new approach in order to properly reflect this changing market environment.

Our guest is Iain Cunningham, who is a portfolio manager on the multi asset team at Investment Management firm Ninety One, where he’s also co-Head of multi asset growth. Iain is very well placed to talk on this subject as you’ll hear.

In this insightful discussion, Iain not only shares his thoughts on how – and why of course – advisers need to rethink how they structure a clients’ retirement portfolio but also why he believes that flexibility will be the most important tool in the tool box for asset managers over the next ten years.


We also discuss the useful Retirement Checklist, that Ninety One have recently produced for advisers to use.

Tune in now to find out why it’s important to ditch the investment rear-view mirror so that you can make sure that your clients’ portfolios are positioned appropriately for what’s coming down the line over the next decade -and not what’s happened in the past.


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