How to build a digital adviser. Part 2: emails

Email, you cry? Are you mad? This isn’t 2010!

I hear you. Email gets a bad wrap. It’s seen as the ‘embarrassing uncle’ of marketing channels, mainly because it’s not flashy like its excitable nephew YouTube, for example.

It’s also still associated with the tyranny of the inbox, which we’re all familiar with – there’s no stopping an email juggernaut once it’s landed. You either reply to it and create more emails, or you ignore it and create more emails from people emailing to ask if you got their email.

Many have understandably moved to Slack as a way of avoiding this email hell…

But those aren’t the emails I’m talking about here

I’m talking about email newsletters. They don’t require an answer, instead they act as helpful, informative, engaging touchpoint personalised to your audience. If used to their full potential, email newsletters can be a truly effective way of developing your relationships with clients and introducers, and of starting some seriously effective lead generation.

Email marketing is the sharpest weapon in your marketing toolbox:

  • It has the highest ROI of all marketing, especially in B2B and high-value niches
  • It offers scope for data analysis and therefore refinement
  • It has a low barrier to entry in terms of effort – you already have a database of clients, whatever format it’s in
  • It costs next to nothing to do it

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