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KPMG finally taken to tribunal over Carillion and Regenersis

@peter_IFAMAG reads Twitter so you don’t have to.

Tabby Kinder, the journalist who covered the KPMG through the mire of scandals over the last few years, reveals the FRC is taking KPMG to a tribunal for allegedly false and misleading audit documents in their work for Carillion and Regenersis. Elsewhere CityWire finds 400,000 London houses hit with down valuations over the last year.


First, 400,000 london houses hit with down valuations over the last year.

In contrast, the national annual house price growth rose about 0.5%

Michael Brown shares some positive news for the UK finance.

Elsewhere Josephine Cumbo announces University employee pension cuts are on the way, in this thread.

Across the pond, the S&P index goes green.

However many pundits share concerns for the market.

And finally, KPMG will likely face a tribunal over the Carillion and Regenersis scandals.

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