May’s Case Study – Clients who work overseas/offshore

This month we’re looking at the 4th most popular reason that your clients conduct currency transfers – transferring salary payments & savings.

Many people assume that currency transfer specialists like TorFX are only able to help clients looking to send funds out of their own bank account.

Did you know?  Your clients can also use providers like TorFX to receive funds into their bank account too.

Clients being paid in a different currency no longer have to be at the mercy of the sender’s bank charges, there’s a simple way for them to take more control over their finances.

By simply providing their employer with the TorFX currency account details they can receive their full salary in the foreign currency and then (at a time when the rate is in their favour) the client can transfer the funds into their domestic currency and into their own bank account.

This approach enables your clients to achieve a much better return on their salary payments in two ways:

  1. A better exchange rate – Companies like TorFX exist because banks tend to offer uncompetitive exchange rates. Making their transfers at a better rate means more money in their pocket.
  2. An even better exchange rate – It’s commonplace that currency transfer companies offer volume driven rates, so the rate you’d receive for transferring £100 would be quite different from transferring £10,000. With companies like TorFX clients can keep adding funds to their digital currency wallet until they have accrued enough to make a bulk payment, securing them an even better exchange rate.

Working Overseas


During a review an adviser learned that their client was going to start working overseas and would be paid in US Dollar.

The adviser asked the client how they planned to transfer their wages back to their UK bank account.

At the time the client had provided their UK bank account details to their employer, however the adviser explained that when their employer sends the US Dollar to their UK bank account the bank will apply their own rate of exchange, which could leave them out of pocket.

The adviser suggested speaking with TorFX as their excellent exchange rates could help them achieve more from their salary payments.


The adviser referred the client through their Partners Portal.

TorFX got in touch with the client to discuss their requirements.

The client created an account with TorFX and gave their US Dollar account details to their employer.

Now TorFX receives the client’s salary payments every month and the client works with their dedicated account manager to choose the best time to transfer into GBP.

  • Gains more control over own finances
  • Client sees greater return on salary

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