MPS: An Investment strategy to suit every investor – Watch the full Webinar here

by | Nov 17, 2022

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Following the recent publication of our comprehensive annual MPS report, Chris Curtis, Community Development Manager at Asset Risk Consultants led a discussion alongside experts Alex Funk (Chief Investment officer at Schroders) and Ben Gilbert (Senior Associate partner at Sarasin & Partners) discussing their MPS strategy.

The volatility of today’s market conditions was assessed by the guests, and the versatility and success of MPS portfolios was evaluated within this environment. Chris questioned both Ben and Alex on the difficulties that this period has given as well as the opportunities that have arisen.

Ben and Alex both highlighted how their MPS portfolios have adapted to the economic climate and provided examples on how they have maintained success despite the challenges.

A variety of other topics were also discussed during the webinar including:

  • How are your funds positioned to help clients navigate their way through this difficult period of inflation?
  • What has worked well – and not so well – in the portfolios recently? Are there any particular underlying holdings that it’s been particularly good to have in the portfolios?
  • How do you define alternative investments and how are they structured in model portfolios?
  • Fixed income hasn’t been the safe investment it usually is, how do investors recover from the recent falls?
  • Does the traditional 60/40 portfolio need to change/adapt going forward?
  • What kind of questions should advisers be asking MPS providers to be comfortable in selecting them for their CIP?

Listen to the full webinar here!

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