Michael Wilson wants your doggerel. And the more doggy, the better. 
Reckon you can do better than these poems? Send us your finest poetical efforts, either by email to editor@ifamagazine.com or to the Twitter thread at #ifapoetryplease, and we’ll run a sample of your efforts in the next issue of the magazine.





The Summer of 2014

Sell July and Don’t Ask Why
Come back when the Tears are Dry

Who wrote that? Actually it was me. Contemplating the sorry fate of the Footsie, which is getting perilously close to 0% growth on the year to date, and the uninspiring state of Japan and the euro zone, I’m wondering what other wisdoms we could have learned from our illustrious forebears, if only they’d had a Twitter account and a handy glass of white wine to lubricate their imaginations.

More suitable topics for verse, and perhaps worse? As Marlon Brando would have said, “Whaddaya got?”


Mid-term elections in the States?
The Fed will keep a lid on rates
Until sad January arrives
And then we’re running for our lives.

Herd Behaviour?

‘This Time It’s Different!’ goes the shout.
It’s time to get the shovels out.
But shovel out? Or shovel in?
Procrastination‘s such a sin.

Scottish Independence?

In vain we lecture proud Auld Reekie
Its fiscal boat is kind of leaky.
But come September, who’s to say
That pride alone won’t win the day?

Risk Assessment?

Resist ye not those value stocks
Providing ye can take the knocks.
For surely, rollercoaster rides
Are tonics for our poor insides?




Old Lob’s Wisdom?

If Shiller’s CASE be full of face
Abandon hope, oh human race…..

Reckon you can think up better rhymes than these? Send us your finest lyrical works, either by email to editor@ifamagazine.com or to the Twitter thread at #ifapoetryplease, and we’ll run a sample of your efforts in the next issue of the magazine.

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