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Was the Stamp Duty holiday unnecessary?

@peter_IFAMAG reads Twitter so you don’t have to.

The Stamp duty holiday ends today, Henry Pryor points out, since introduced last July, “over 1.3m buyers are expected to have benefited by a maximum of £15k whilst the average house today is £25k more expensive.” Elsewhere on Twitter cryptocurrency enthusiasts link falling GBP to Binance Markets banning, opening the door to a pilary from economists.

First, if you wonder why certain assets, like cryptocurrencies or meme stocks, are seeing such an investor interest check out this webinar with the founder of eTorro.

Following the Binance banning crypto Twitter clutches at straws.

Henry Pryor says goodbye to the stamp duty holiday – calling it unnecessary.

In the start up space, Frank Rotman tackles an interesting question: Are lending companies VC backable?


Germany and France are catching up the UK in regards to wealth driven by inheritance.

Also in Eurozone news, Michael Pettis shares his diagnosis on Europe.

What are your thoughts on these tweets?

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