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Committed Capital Opportunities For Deployment By Tax Year End

by | Mar 7, 2022

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As we approach Tax Year End we know that this is everyone’s busiest time in the tax efficient space. As advisers you don’t want to miss out on opportunities still available to your clients as part of their balanced portfolio. With that in mind we reached out to our GBI contacts to bring you an exclusive look at opportunities that are still available for deployment by tax year end.

Important please note: GBI Magazine is for professional advisers only. The information presented above is given in good faith and is correct at the time of publication. While these funds have every intention to deploy before the tax-year end, mitigating factors do occur, and they cannot 100% guarantee that this is always possible. Please follow the links to the companies’ websites for full terms and conditions.

Committed Capital Growth EIS


We are a growth stage venture capital investor, and our investment strategy has remained unchanged since 2001.

The Committed Capital Growth EIS is an evergreen fund offering investors the opportunity to invest into a portfolio of actively managed, growth stage, post-revenue (over £1m) technology companies, whilst also benefitting from the availability of the generous tax reliefs afforded by EIS.

We invest in a range of technology sectors where we believe the potential for significant capital growth exists, and where we can offer hands-on support to facilitate and accelerate growth before ultimately helping identify potential exit opportunities.

  • Minimum Subscription – £15,000
  • Target Return – 2-3x ROI (excluding tax reliefs)
  • Deployment – We currently have a portfolio of 6 investee companies available for deployment before 31 March 2022.
  • HMRC Advance Assurance – We always ensure this is received before capital is deployed.
  • Regional Investors – We seek out innovative, high growth investee companies throughout the UK.
  • Exit Strategy – The intention is to exit within 4 to 5 years of monies being invested via trade sale, IPO, or where appropriate, a sale to a strategic investor.

 Click here for more information about Committed Capital

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