Continuum comments on today’s emergency budget

by | Sep 23, 2022

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Martin Brown, Managing Partner at Continuum, has commented on today’s emergency budget.

“New Prime Minister Liz Truss made it very clear during her campaign for the Conservative party leadership that she planned to reform several taxes and allowances, so many of the announcements in today’s emergency budget have not come as a surprise.

“Any changes in legislation and tax create disruption and uncertainty for clients, even should the change be positive for them.

“This disruption and uncertainty offer the opportunity for good independent financial advisers to demonstrate their value.


“Over the past three years at Continuum, we have seen a strong flow of prospects turning to our advisers as they have not been receiving the level of support they are seeking from their current adviser. Clearly, support, regular reassurance and top-notch client care can really set a good adviser apart from the pack from a client perspective during times of uncertainty.”

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