Cystel’s Sarma comments on UK cybersecurity threats

by | Apr 20, 2023

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National cyber strategy must focus more on game-changing quantum technology risk, according to Cystel’s Dr Meera Sarma.

Sarma, the CEO of cybersecurity consultancy Cystel, says:

“Future-proofing our digital economy is vital in the face of increasing numbers of state-sponsored threats and individual attacks on UK companies and infrastructure. 


“The transparency and frankness about the scale and scope of dangers like ransomware and espionage are welcome, but far more emphasis must be placed on the exponential risks posed by ultra-powerful quantum computing. This can solve problems like complex code breaking that are beyond the reach of traditional computers and will have seismic effects on cybersecurity for both countries and corporations.

“In the arms race between hackers and defence experts, quantum technology will be key to deciding who gets the upper hand. Quantum computers are a genuine game-changer whose unmatched processing power means in the wrong hands they will be able to smash through traditional cyber defences like cryptography in a matter of moments. 

“The recent Royal Mail attack also shows the clear and present threat to our national infrastructure. Any part of the government’s supply chain has a big target on its back, and there is a serious threat of more hacks and wide scale theft of personal data.”


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