#Podcast episode 7: Making sense of market mayhem – with Invesco’s Ben Gutteridge

by | Aug 3, 2022

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Cutting through the jargon and getting to grips with the serious issues facing the global economy today – and all in just a 20 minute podcast– might seem like a tall order.

However, this week’s IFA Talk podcast conversation with Ben Gutteridge, Director of Model Portfolio Services at Invesco, manages to tick that box rather competently. And it’s not all gloom and doom either!

Tune in now to hear Ben talking through the complex situation we face as he brings real clarity and transparency to some of the most critical areas advisers and paraplanners need to be aware of and understand.

So, get ready for plenty of technical insight, whether it’s inflation, stagflation, the outlook for growth assets, central bank responses etc. but rest assured that all are dealt with in a thoroughly down to earth way which really explains what is going on today and why it matters.

We hope you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as we did when recording it.


Listen to the podcast episode below to hear more of Ben’s interesting and expert views:

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