#Episode 6: Why symbiosis is the new sustainability – with Global Returns Project Co-founder Yan Swiderski

by | Jul 14, 2022

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In this week’s episode of IFA Talk – the show where we talk to people who matter about subjects that matter in the world of financial services and financial advice – Yan Swiderski, Co-founder of the Global Returns Project, talks to our host Bex about why symbiotic wealth management is so important – and how it works in practice.

In this interesting and inspiring conversation, IFA Talk’s Bex had the pleasure of talking with Yan Swiderski, Co-founder of the Global Returns Project. Yan has had a long career in international finance markets: In 2002 he founded an investment management business with three friends, Finisterre Capital, managing global portfolios investing in over 50 countries, primarily in developing markets. In 2014, after having sold his business, Yan moved to Cornwall, where he acquired a large rural estate. He and his wife Camilla (a former Greenpeace campaigner) converted the estate to organic by cutting out all chemicals and pesticides, selling off the sheep, and turning the majority of their land into a rewilding project.

Yan believes that the money involved in sustainable finance initiatives only addresses a niche number of the problems presented by climate change. There is no market mechanism in place for protecting the rainforests and other habitats, for example. That’s a role filled by not-for-profit organisations.

Therefore, Yan has set up the Global Returns Portfolio, comprising a selection of the most effective not-for-profits tackling the Climate Crisis. By making a small contribution to this portfolio, Yan says that people are able to achieve meaningful climate action – and really make a difference!


During this fascinating conversation – Yan addresses the following questions:

  • How and why did the Global Returns Project come about?
  • What type of organisations does the Global Returns Project work with?
  • What are the Global Returns Project’s latest partnerships?
  • Why is ESG not enough to tackle the climate crisis? What are the shortcomings of mainstream ESG strategies and what are the gaps that not-for-profit organisations can fill?
  • “Symbiosis is the new sustainability” – what does this mean and how does it work in practice for advisers?
  • How can advisers stay ahead of the ‘ESG curve’?

This is not an episode to be missed, so make sure to tune in below! We are sure you’ll find it just as interesting as we did!


Click here for more information about the Global Returns Project

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