Equilibrium Financial Planning commits to a Financial Wellbeing future

by | Oct 24, 2022

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Equilibrium Financial Planning, the Cheshire-based award-winning chartered financial planning company, has strengthened its financial wellbeing offer and joined the Institute of Financial Wellbeing.

The move will further embed the principles of financial wellbeing into all aspects of its financial planning process and enhance the client-focussed approach which has enabled the company to thrive.

The Institute’s training and information sharing forums provide an opportunity for Equilibrium’s advisers to share and hone a best-practice approach centred on wellbeing values informed by research initiatives.

Chris Budd, the founder and Chair of the IFW will take the role of Financial Wellbeing Consultant and work with both the board and the planning teams over the next 12 months.


Colin Lawson, founder of Equilibrium Financial Planning, commented: “We are in business to make our clients’ lives better by enabling them to take control of their finances and use money as a tool and not an objective. If we are going to continue to make a real difference to our clients, we need to fully understand the theory behind what constitutes a financial wellbeing offering.”

Nick Marsh, CEO of the IFW said: “It’s really rewarding to see a firm of the stature of Equilibrium with more than £1 billion worth of assets under management realise the value that financial wellbeing practices can bring to its day-to-day client interactions. Equilibrium is aware of the potential opportunity and is committed to securing its position as a provider of genuinely personalised financial planning.”

Lucy Woolrich, head of talent at Equilibrium Financial Planning, added: “We are fully committed to the required investment needed to ensure the financial wellbeing practices become the norm within Equilibrium. We see this learning as a real growth opportunity for our team members and know that as clients become more aware of what financial wellbeing can mean for them that they will expect their planning firm to be able to offer financial wellbeing based advice.”


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