EV Experts: Ultimate EV Guide for the Home

by | Feb 19, 2022

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To answer common questions drivers may have around EVs, Uswitch have created a hub for everything anyone might need to know about EVs and their home before, during or after purchasing an EV.

Home considerations before installing an EV charger: 

  1. An initial assessment of your home is required prior to installation, some homes may not qualify.
  2. You can only install a home charger on your private property, so off street parking is essential to qualify.
  3. Your charging point will need to be connected to the Wi-Fi, so testing your connection and speed can help you prepare for your installation date.
  4. Average installation time is around 2 hours.

Common electric car questions answered: 

Will switching to an EV really make a difference to the environment?


The average driver drives 259 miles per week. By swapping from a petrol car to an EV, on average this would save 1,160kgs of CO2 per year. The equivalent of heating your home for 113 days, planting 55 trees or taking 709 showers (of 8 minutes each).

To find out how much CO2 you could save per year, try our impact calculator here: https://www.uswitch.com/electric-car/ev-charging/

Will an EV save me money? 


Despite the initial cost of the EV, running costs are a lot cheaper than a petrol or diesel car. With fewer parts, EVs generally need less servicing as well.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car? 

On average, charging an EV costs around £6.50 to £9.20 for a “full tank” (depending on battery size). This is around a quarter (or even less) of the price of a full tank of petrol.


You also won’t need to pay road tax, and may be eligible for a OLEV grant, which contributes up to £1,500 towards the car and £350 towards the purchasing and installation of a home charging point.

Is it expensive to install a home charger? 

The prices can start from around £472. The cost of installing a home charger can vary depending on the company you go with, which type of charger you choose and labour costs. This can save you money and time in the long run, as you can charge your car overnight without initial cost, but the initial upfront cost should be considered.


Could installing a home charger affect the value of my home? 

A 2021 survey showed that 76% of homes which had an EV charger installed increased in value (source: Rivervale Leasing).

Jargon buster


OLEV Grant: Stands for “Office of Low Emissions Vehicles” and is a government grant offered for electric cars and electric car chargers.

NGC Rating: Stands for “Next Green Car Rating” and is the environmental impact of specific cars’ makes and models according to NGC.

Charging types: There are three main charger types: CCS, Type 1 and Type 2. CCS is a “Combined Charging System” and is a standard for most EVs. Type 1 and Type 2 refers to the charging cable types. In the EU, Type 2 is the most common standard, whereas Type 1 is more common in Asia and America.


Battery range: This is the distance your car can go on a full battery charge.

EV Expert at Uswitch, Ben Gallizzi says: 

“With an increasing number of environmentally conscious consumers, more accessible technology and government incentives to reach the UK’s 2050 Net Zero carbon emissions target, the EV market is projected to grow significantly.

“However, with more electric cars on the road, there’s no guarantee that a public charging point will be available when you need it. In 2021, research found there were 19 cars for every Plugin Electric Vehicle charging point. 

“For many people, the most convenient way to charge an electric car will be at home. Not only will a home charger ensure you always have access to a charging point but it could increase the value of your property.”

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