IFAM 102 | Building a better world | October 2021

by | Sep 28, 2021

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For this month’s cover story, I’ve been talking to M&G Investments’ Alex Araujo to find out his views about the prospects for investing in global listed infrastructure over the months and years ahead. From our conversation, it was clear to me that he is in particularly optimistic mood. In the article which starts on page 21, Araujo highlights some of the opportunities which he’s currently seeing and also why he believes that there is ample scope for diversification by investing across the sector.

Another point which Araujo stresses is why and how ESG sits very naturally alongside investment in global listed infrastructure.



The world is gearing up for the start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference – snappily called COP 26 – at the start of November – with the focus firmly on the need for nations to reach agreement on how to tackle climate change. It is to be expected that with the global spotlight highlighting the need for urgent action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement, that the momentum towards ESG investment will become even stronger within investors’ asset allocation and stock selection processes. In this edition of IFA Magazine, ESG specialist Lee Coates shares useful yet practical tips on how advisers can develop more effective – and compliant – ESG processes to support clients’ sustainability objectives. Also, Longevity Partners’ Ding Li argues that a uniform approach to assessing the ESG credentials of investment funds and stricter regulation are the most important ways to prevent greenwashing in the ESG investing space.



But building a better advice business is also important. We talk to PIMFA’s Liz Field about how the organisation is working to future proof the advice profession, with particular regard to boosting diversity and inclusion across the sector. We also talk to Foster Denovo about how some of the ways they have adapted client service as a result of the Covid pandemic. In our ‘ask the broker’ section Wealth Holdings’ Keith Brown gives really useful comparison of share purchase to asset purchase with IFA business acquisitions. And talking about acquisitions, we talk to Wealth Holdings’ Norman MacLeod about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to IFA business exit and acquisitions. The Openwork Partnership is one of the UK’s leading advice networks and I really enjoyed my conversation with Openwork’s Mike Morrow. You can find the second and final part of the interview on page 10.

But that’s not all. The insight from our regular columnists Faith Liversedge, Michelle Hoskin and compliance consultant Tony Catt means that there really are plenty of ideas in this month’s IFA Magazine to get you thinking.

As always, our remit is to provide you with expert opinion and practical advice on matters of business and personal development as well as on technical and strategic tips you can use to deliver an even more effective service for clients. We hope you find plenty of useful ideas amongst the following pages.


Sue Whitbread
IFA Magazine

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