Here comes the sun | IFA Magazine July/August edition is live now

Thinking back to the lyrics of the exceptional Mr George Harrison (ok just to fess up that he’s my favourite Beatle!), it certainly has been a long cold winter. But thankfully summer is now here at last so we can hopefully enjoy some relief from the seemingly relentless rain. 

However, in this ever-evolving financial landscape, staying out of the rain and ahead of the curve is both a challenge and an opportunity for advisers. 


Spoiler alert: I thought it prudent to let you know from the get-go, that we’re preparing this edition of the magazine just before the country goes to the polls on 4th July. Whichever party (or parties) end up forming the next government, it will mean considerable change for advisers, for taxation, as well as for the country and its all-important economic strategy. 

Of course, we’ll be ‘going big’ on election coverage from July 5th, digging deep into everything it means for advisers, their businesses and their clients. Using this link you can search all the latest relevant information, news and views in the days and weeks ahead.

Happy anniversary Consumer Duty       


Also on our radar is the first anniversary of the FCA’s Consumer Duty at the end of July. That’s another important milestone for our industry. The team and I are looking forward to bringing you our usual insights, tools and inspiration to find out exactly what it’s meant for advisers and how they’ve changed their processes and systems as a result.

Business as usual – for now      

Aside from Consumer Duty and ‘that’ election, you’ll find plenty more great content on the pages of your July/August edition.  


We’re indebted to all the leading experts in the field for sharing their in-depth views with us in this magazine and online. Our goal is always to cover a broad spectrum of topics—from the latest regulatory updates and market trends to innovative financial planning strategies and client relationship management. 

There are plenty of professional development ideas dotted amongst the following pages, to keep you informed about the cutting-edge tools and approaches that can help streamline your practice and enhance your advisory skills. We hope you find them useful! 

Your hardworking editorial team will be taking some much-needed time off during the summer months. We hope you are able to enjoy some precious down-time too this summer. 


But fear not. We’ll be back, all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, for our September edition. In the meantime, don’t forget, we’ll still be busy posting great content online. As well as that, don’t forget our weekly IFA Talk Podcasts where we sit down with industry leaders, explore cutting-edge financial planning techniques, and discuss the regulatory changes that impact your practice. 

And finally thank you for joining us on this journey. Here’s to your continuing success and to making a significant impact in the lives of your clients. We hope we can provide just some support to help you deliver it.

In the meantime, it’s back to George. Sun, sun, sun… here it comes. We can but hope?


Sue Whitbread
Editor, IFA Magazine

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