Launch of ’73’ car number plates this week — comments from expert at carVertical

by | Sep 3, 2023

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Matas Buzelis, car expert at carVertical, shares views on the new car registration plates, which launch on 1st September, and the impact on the motoring industry and deals for consumers

Matas Buzelis, car expert at carVertical, comments: “The arrival of new number plates in September often gives the car market a boost, and there is no reason to think this year will be any different.

“UK drivers are quite attached to their plates, and four in ten cars on the carVertical database have had their licence plates changed at least once. Some plates are changed because a driver likes a specific combination of numbers and letters, or because it’s personal to them.


“From 1st September, new cars will be sold with the age identifier ‘​​73’ after the first letters on the plate. Drivers who enjoy the prestige of driving with a brand new motor will be heading to the forecourts so they can be among the first to hit the roads with the new 73 plates. 

“The arrival of new plates in March and September can also be a boost for drivers buying a used car. 

“Dealers are often more inclined to make an offer on older cars that they want to shift from the forecourts to make room for more recent models.


“Drivers looking to haggle should ask how long a vehicle has been up for sale — if it has been in the dealership’s hands for a long time, the business may be more inclined to offer a discount. 

“Dealers are often working to quarterly sales targets too — so the end of September can be a good time to get a bargain.

“Drivers should always make sure they check all aspects of the car’s past through a history check to make sure the car will not end up costing them more money than it is worth. History checks display the car’s MOT and service history, show if a car has been in an accident or damaged and if there is any outstanding finance. Checks can also reveal odometer fraud — which means the mileage has been falsified to hide how many miles the car has been driven for.”


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