Legal & General and Smartr365 partner to enable single sign-in for advisers using SmartrCriteria and SmartrFit tools

by | Feb 10, 2021

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In a first of its kind agreement, Legal & General has partnered with Smartr365 to enable single sign-in for advisers using its SmartrCriteria and SmartrFit tools through the end-to-end mortgage platform Smartr365. The changes will simplify the client application process for advisers using Smartr365, to make the mortgage journey more seamless.

Advisers using The Club’s SmartrCriteria or SmartrFit services within Smartr365 will now be able to take an application from inception to submission without the need for several separate search windows and without the challenge of juggling an affordability tool and CRM system. Those using the service can switch between the services in just one click, without leaving the Smartr365 platform, providing a significant technological improvement to the previous way of working.

Previously, advisers using the sourcing tools would also have needed a dedicated agency number to process applications; however, from today any adviser operating with Smartr365 can now use the service whether they are members of Legal & General’s SmartrCriteria/SmartrFit service or not.



Clare Beardmore, Head of Mortgage Transformation and Operations, Legal & General: “We’re committed to developing technology that helps to improve the working capabilities of our intermediary partners. The announcement of today’s partnership with Smartr365 is a first of its kind integration and reflects Legal & General’s objective to provide innovative tools which support the broader industry.

“We are making meaningful changes to our proposition, so the process of finding the right solutions for customers is more straightforward and accurate. This will also bring secondary benefits to consumers and lenders by minimising the margin for error in case submissions. In offering these services at no cost to advisers, we are helping to make mortgage applications more seamless for all intermediaries.”



Conor Murphy, Founder & CEO, Smartr365 added: “We are proud that Smartr365 has a commitment to driving technological innovation throughout the mortgage industry, partnering with the leading providers to give our users the best solutions on offer. The introduction of a single sign-in authentication method in partnership with Legal & General means our users can switch between services with a single click, improving the efficiency of day-to-day operations by removing the need to re-key data. Brokers, lenders and individual borrowers will all benefit from this boost to productivity, making the mortgage journey smoother for all.”

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