Meta launches new social media platform ‘Threads’ as a competitor to Twitter

by | Jul 6, 2023

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Meta platforms, most famously known for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp has today launched the debut of its newest social media app. The app, which is named ‘Threads” is already being circulated as ‘Twitters newest competitor’.

It has been reported that currently, 10 million people globally have already signed up to create an account on the platform, making it a trending topic across the main social media networks, with a record 2.24 million tweets already circulating about ‘Threads’ across Twitter.

The news comes at a convenient time, as recently Elon Musk, who only purchased Twitter in October 2022 has caused much controversy since taking over the platform. Many users are now looking elsewhere for an equivalent app, which is why the launch of ‘Threads’ comes at a near perfect time. ‘Threads’ revolves around a text-based timeline where users can have flowing conversations and topical discussions.


Experts and industry professionals have also been sharing their thoughts, which can be seen below:

Dr Gracie McLaven, Director at Dr Gracie McLaven @Brain Body Wealth Ltd, states: “First thoughts: Oh no not another social media platform! Second thoughts: Oh, this hits differently! How refreshing the feed was to see kind, connecting, inviting posts. If Threads can hold onto its ‘friendly’ nature it’s a winner for me, a Clinical Psychologist!”

Despite the app having huge demand during its initial launch, there are some issues which have been highlighted:


Rebecca Crook, Chief Growth Officer, EMEA at digital consultancy, CI&T, states “Meta has seen an opportunity with the volatility of Twitter under Musk and gone for it, and it’s a solid start. 10 million sign-ups in less than 24 hours is impressive. Leveraging its Instagram community, which has over two billion users, and making it as simple as three clicks to get a Threads account if you are already on Instagram, is a shrewd marketing move.

However, there is a catch in the small print. If you do sign up for Threads and decide it’s not for you, it may hold you to hostage as it will automatically delete your Instagram account. Therefore, it runs the risk of having millions of accounts that might not be very active, which defeats the point of a social community.”

Rebecca explains that there is a catch in the small print of the app, since Instagram accounts will automatically be deleted, risking millions of accounts becoming inactive. She says this defeats the point of a social community. As with any social media platform, issues are encountered along the way and developed on.


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