New Capital Gains Tax technology added to M&G Wealth Platform

by | Mar 28, 2023

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M&G Wealth has introduced Capital Gains Tax (CGT) functionality to its Platform enabling advisers to conduct complex calculations and test different planning scenarios for their clients.

‘Cobalt’ is the first microservice on the M&G Wealth Platform. It is viewed as one of the most comprehensive and flexible CGT tools on the market in its consistency of calculations and the clarity and intuitiveness of reporting.

Users of the Platform can now update the acquisition price of assets, assess a range of ‘what if’ scenarios to see CGT implications and can take account of all client assets, on or off platform.

It can include all types of open-ended and closed-ended funds, ETFs, and listed equities, including those held in model portfolios or third-party DFM services. It allows advisers to achieve the best outcome for their clients by making full use of the current CGT allowance or realising specific sums of money. It shows which assets could be sold to generate any target amount while at the same time determining what combination of assets would either minimise or maximise the capital gain on those proceeds.


In all cases, advisers can use the tool across the whole portfolio or select specific holdings in any calculation. The tool will then generate a summary for use in client discussions.

Justin Blower, Platform Sales Director at M&G Wealth, said; “Cobalt considers the best combination of assets to achieve optimum CGT outcomes for advisers and their clients. With the personal CGT allowance halved in the next tax year advisers may need to conduct CGT calculations more often to keep clients realised taxable gains within the new £6,000 limit. 

“This tool will make that fast and straightforward to do. Our microservice approach allows us to integrate proven tools and technology from the leading specialists on the market to support advisers and Cobalt does just that.”


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