North Looks for £15bn Transport Funding

by | Aug 5, 2014

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The North of England is asking for £15bn for a new traffic infrastructure.

The alliance of Northern cities, known as One North, is between Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield. It argues the case for a multi-billion budget to improve both road and rail connections throughout the area.

Sitting at the receiving end of the pitch today in Manchester is Chancellor George Osborne.


It was the Chancellor who earlier voiced support for the idea that the north should improve its lot, saying: “We need to make sure we have got a northern powerhouse so that our economy in this country is not unbalanced…But we have across the North of England individual cities that are better connected, that have a better quality of life and that are able therefore to generate economic activity across our United Kingdom.”

The One North concept is to improve the vital links between the northern cities and thereby improving trade and commerce. Numerous examples exist of how it’s easier and faster to get from the north to London, than it is to get to another neighbouring northern City.

Local politicians are anxious that the North of England has the funding which will allow it to become a major player as the recovery continues. 


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