NS&I’s Net Financing target for 2016-17 is to be revised

by | Nov 23, 2016

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In today’s Autumn Statement, the Chancellor announced that NS&I’s Net Financing target for 2016-17 is to be revised. NS&I’s original target for 2016-17 was £6 billion (in a range of £2 billion either side of this, from £4 billion to £8 billion).

The new target of £9 billion (in a range of £2 billion either side of this, from £7 billion to £11 billion) reflects changes to the Government’s financing requirement. NS&I is forecast to meet the revised Net Financing target for 2016-17.


Provisional Q2 2016-17 results

NS&I today published its un-audited quarterly results for the second quarter (July-September 2016) of the financial year 2016-17. NS&I’s latest quarterly Value Indicator figure was -£88 million, giving a half year total of -£18 million.

NS&I’s Value Indicator target for 2016-17 is to deliver positive value for the taxpayer with a lower limit of -£200 million. The lower limit is important because it allows NS&I to continue to balance the interests of its savers, taxpayers and the stability of the broader financial services sector through a period of exceptionally low gilt yields.


Quarterly figures

Qtr / year Gross inflows C&AIP* Gross outflows Net Financing Total stock Value Indicator


Q2 2016-17


7.0 0.6 5.6 2.0 136.9 -0.09
Q1 2016-17


7.8 0.6 8.6 -0.2 134.9 0.07
2015-16 31.5 2.1 22.3 11.3 135.1 0.1


32.3 1.6 15.7 18.2 123.9 0.3


16.4 2.0 14.9 3.4 105.7 0.3
2012-13 11.7 2.3 14.7 -0.7 102.2 -0.2
2011-12 18.3 2.4 16.7 4.0 102.9 0.4

*C&AIP is capitalised and accrued interest and prizes earned

All figures are in £ billion (rounded). 2016-17 figures are unaudited and subject to change due to late transaction processing (evidence of identity), cancellation and any accounting adjustments.


NS&I reports quarterly on gross inflows and outflows, Net Financing and total stock. Each quarter, NS&I release these unaudited figures and publishes the Annual Report and audited accounts each financial year.

Investment Bonds

The Chancellor also announced a new market leading 3-year savings bond, called Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds. The new Bonds will go on sale in the coming financial year, 2017-18.

They will be available at nsandi.com for 12 months from spring 2017 and the indicative interest rate will be 2.2%. The precise rate will be confirmed nearer to launch. The bonds will be open to people aged 16 and over and will have a minimum investment of £100 and a maximum investment of £3,000.

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