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Opportunities For Deployment By Tax Year End: o2h Ventures

by | Mar 7, 2022

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As we approach Tax Year End we know that this is everyone’s busiest time in the tax efficient space. As advisers you don’t want to miss out on opportunities still available to your clients as part of their balanced portfolio. With that in mind we reached out to our GBI contacts to bring you an exclusive look at opportunities that are still available for deployment by tax year end.

Important please note: GBI Magazine is for professional advisers only. The information presented above is given in good faith and is correct at the time of publication. While these funds have every intention to deploy before the tax-year end, mitigating factors do occur, and they cannot 100% guarantee that this is always possible. Please follow the links to the companies’ websites for full terms and conditions.

o2h Human Health Knowledge-Intensive EIS Fund

The o2h human health EIS fund is the first HMRC approved Knowledge-Intensive fund that invests in EIS qualifying knowledge intensive companies.


Fund Focus:

We fund the development of novel therapeutic treatments; helping build new services and tools offerings throughout the biotech ecosystem; and spur the creation of software & artificial intelligence that will help change the UK healthcare.

To date o2h Ventures has invested into over 35 companies, several of which have now raised significant funds from overseas, listed and built game changing drugs to benefit human health.


Deployment Timeline:

Investing into a Knowledge-intensive EIS fund offers several benefits like better predictability for your tax planning. If you invest in a KI approved EIS fund, the investment date for income tax purposes is the date the fund closes. In other words, you know at the point of investment that you should be able to use the income tax relief in the tax year in which you invest or carry back to the previous tax year – effectively getting back tax you’ve already paid.

  • We have two closes per year and the next one is on 5th April 2022.
  • The minimum investment is £25k.*
  • Carry Back EIS Tax Relief: Carry back EIS tax relief to 2020/21, or the benefit of investing in this current year, deadline April 1st (capital at risk, depending on individual circumstances)
  • Risk Management: Two part investment focus of Access & Incubation, providing unique opportunities and reducing investment risk by being deeply involved.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Aiming to build a diverse portfolio for investors with an initial Portfolio of 5-10 unquoted and/or AIM-listed companies.

Click here for more information about o2h Ventures  



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