Podcast #41: Is the green agenda in mortgages set to take off? – with IMLA’s Kate Davies

by | May 22, 2023

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We’re excited to bring you our very first IFA Talk podcast focused on the Mortgage and Property market. It’s a sector gathering real momentum with IFA Magazine readers so we thought it was about time we introduced it into the podcast schedule too. 

And what a way to kick things off!  Sue and Brandon’s guest in this episode is Kate Davies, Executive Director at IMLA – The Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association.  Kate is someone who has vast experience in the mortgage, property and financial sectors as will become clear when you hear the conversation. 

In it, we not only explore the lender/intermediary relationship, which is so fundamental to IMLA, but we also talk about some of the frustrations brought about by delays to Government policy in terms of green mortgages and the green agenda in relation to property more broadly. 


Kate talks wisely about the ‘Four Cs’ – as she shares the things from her ‘wish list’ as to what she’d like to see in terms of actions from the Government. We also discuss why her wish is to see progress sooner rather than later is driven by the importance for the industry of moving forward on the green agenda. Whether you’re an IFA or a Mortgage Broker, there’s plenty in this conversation to get you thinking. 

Check out the conversation below…

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