Podcast episode #22: From multi-asset to mental health – LGIM’s Andrzej Pioch shares his thoughts

by | Nov 23, 2022

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In the latest episode of IFA Talk – the show where we talk to people who matter about subjects that matter in the world of financial services and financial advice – Sue and Bex are joined by Andrzej Pioch, Fund Manager in the Multi-Asset Funds team at Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM).

This year, LGIM announced the launch of the Future World ESG Multi-Index 6 and 7 funds, which are targeted at investors seeking to express a conviction on ESG themes, combined with a higher risk profile and asset class diversification. In light of this, Andrzej tells Sue, Bex, and IFA Talk listeners all about the Future World ESG Multi-Index range – and discusses how current macro events are shaping asset allocation within the fund range.

In addition, Andrzej also highlights how LGIM’s extensive ESG and index investment expertise ensures the range has the right asset allocation, and reveals the five pillars that are at the core of LGIM’s multi-asset investment approach. Finally, Andrzej highlights how this range helps advisers meet the needs of their clients – making this conversation particularly relevant to IFA Magazine readers, and certainly well worth a listen!

Another interesting topic of conversation in this week’s episode is the importance of mental health – which is a subject that the IFA Talk team is extremely passionate about! Andrzej strongly believes in the benefits of being mindful, and therefore engages in a digital detox every weekend, which means no phones, computers, or television from Friday – Sunday! He says that, as we see such challenging market conditions, it has never been more imperative that people regularly disconnect from their screens. So why not take a leaf out of Andrzej’s book and give a technological detox a go? We think it might be worth a try!


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