Podcast episode #26: Can sustainable investing really shape the future? With Ninety One’s Graeme Baker 

by | Jan 17, 2023

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Whether or not you’re a committed sustainable investor, the hard facts remain that with so much money needing to be committed to prevent climate disaster, there are significant structural opportunities for those who are prepared to put in the hard work to uncover and invest in them.  

With reflections on November’s COP27 summit firmly in mind, this week’s IFA Talk podcast guest is the ideal person to talk to about such matters. Tune in to hear Sue and Bex’ conversation with  Ninety One’s Graeme Baker. Graeme is a portfolio manager in sustainable equities within Ninety One’s Multi-Asset team. He’s also the co-portfolio manager for Ninety One’s Global Environment strategy. 

The only way forward

You’ll discover why Graeme is in particularly optimistic mood and is excited by the prospects which he sees for long term growth from investing with a sustainable focus. With transparency firmly in the spotlight, this is a great conversation which is likely to allay any lingering doubts that sustainable investing might mean sacrificing the potential for long term returns. 


As Graeme explains, getting the sustainable future right just isn’t an option any more. And although it’s not without its challenges,  it’s the way ahead. 

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