Preparing for ‘bumpy beyond’? | IFA93/GBI22 | November 2020

by | Oct 27, 2020

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We keep hearing from different Government Ministers that this winter we should be prepared for a bumpy ride. Even the Prime Minister has warned, when he spoke on the Andrew Marr Show in early October, that it is “going to continue to be bumpy through to Christmas, it may even be bumpy beyond”.

Of course, how bumpy the ride turns out to be will depend on a number of factors. When it comes to the prospects for world markets, the ongoing problems of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to underpin market nerves. If we throw in the prospect of uncertainty from the outcome of the US Presidential Election and the ongoing debacle of the UK’s trade talks with the EU and those are just for starters, we look set for interesting times ahead to say the least.


I’m sorry to report that the IFA Magazine crystal ball is looking rather cloudy at the moment, so we will have to disappoint those readers who are looking to us for some definitive answers in all this uncertainty. At least it’s not bumpy.

And in other news…

However, I’m pleased to report that despite all this things at IFA and GBI Magazines continue much as normal with no bumps in sight. Again this month, we’ve combined the two magazines into one so you get a broad range of content which we hope you will find of use. The world of alternative investments is proving highly resilient and attracting considerable attention as a result of the type of investment which they can access. This month we’re grateful to Praetura Ventures, Octopus and Mercia for their views and insight and send our congratulations to all the winners at the recent EISA awards. We’re also delighted to be able to bring you our usual selection of the open offers for your consideration when looking for suitable alternative investments for your clients.


Over at IFA Magazine, this edition brings you a range of articles on a range of topics relevant to advisers, planners and paraplanners. As always, our thanks go to all our contributors for taking the time to share with us their views, knowledge and experience in order to shine a light on different aspects of the business of financial planning. There’s a great mix of investment and asset management themes as well as business and personal development ideas to get you thinking.

Before I sign off, I’d just like to congratulate all the winners at the CISI Financial Planning Awards, the names of whom were announced at the CISI online conference earlier in October. It was great to “see” so many familiar faces and to connect with new ones as a result of the event. Despite the restrictions of the virtual format, it is clear to see that the financial planning profession remains in robust health without any obvious signs of it being bumpy.

Best wishes,
Sue Whitbread
IFA Magazine


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