Robocore UK prepares for crowdfunding with Seedrs

by | Dec 18, 2019

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Tech business introduces new recruitment methodology


In the early Spring of 2017, recruiter Warren A. Drabble was helping Mike Naylor, a former Global Program Manager from IBM, with his career options as he faced voluntary redundancy after nearly 20 years working there.

At the time Drabble was working on a personal recruitment methodology to help him become faster and more accurate at identifying customers, jobs and talent.


Drabble remembers describing the methodology to Naylor and how he’d use it to help him. The soon-to-be ex-project manager asked to look at it and straight away saw the potential.

Naylor then introduced the concept to colleagues also leaving IBM, line manager Frank De Witte, Senior IT Specialist Dennis Rudin and Software Engineer Mike Tunstall who all agreed with Naylor’s observations.

He saw the opportunity to mitigate recruiter frustrations by structuring their online information. Recruiters deal with a lot of unstructured information from search engines, which can cause a host of problems for the recruiter and their customers especially for beginners or intermediate recruiters.


For example, recruiters often supply the wrong profiles, wasting time for both themselves and their clients.

This encouraged Naylor, De Witte and Rudin to form Robocore UK Ltd with Drabble as a partner to build the methodology with automation software. Tunstall also joined as Software Engineer with another former colleague Tatiana Tsiami as General Manager.

The methodology, GridHill, is today in its second version.


To grow the company, Robocore formed a recruitment division led by Patrick Hames, a Senior Account Director from the telecoms sector.

NED Stuart Morris is advising Robocore on how to model the recruitment franchise, successfully selling franchises in Portugal, the UK and South Africa and looking forward to opening the franchise in the US market in the near future.

The Company is now at the stage in its roadmap to offer ownership of shares in the business through crowdfunding with Seedrs.


Robocore will use the funds to recruit a data analyst and a digital marketer to support the growing demand from the recruiters, and a software developer who will further develop GridHill.

Whilst the campaign is labelled as EIS eligible, the Company has £150,000 remaining of its SEIS limit. Seedrs will, therefore, be looking to seek SEIS relief on the first £150,000 invested into the campaign, with the remaining balance being EIS eligible.

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