The cheapest and most expensive cities for kid-friendly living

by | Sep 3, 2023

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Private rental costs have seen an increase of 4.7% from February 2022 to 2023 across the UK, meaning the price for tenants is higher than ever. With rising costs across food, bills, and childcare costs – this will be strongly felt by parents renting their homes.

This escalation in rental prices prompted Alan Boswell Landlord Insurance to conduct a study aimed at identifying the most and least expensive cities in the UK for renting with children.

The UK’s Priciest Cities for Renting with Children

RankCityAverage Rent Prices for a 2-Bed Flat (£pcm)
6St Albans£1,945

This release is part of a bigger study which you can find here

It comes as no surprise that London holds the title of being the most expensive city to rent with kids in the UK due to its high demand for housing, limited availability of family-sized properties, and the combination of living costs that encompass not only accommodation but also education, healthcare, and other essential expenses. The average rent price for a 2-bed flat is almost twice as expensive as the second most expensive city on our list, Cambridge, with £4,118 on average, 526.8% more than the cheapest city on the list.

Cambridge ranks as the second most expensive city to rent with kids in the UK with an average of £2,811 for a 2-bed flat. This is due to its renowned universities, thriving technology sector, and high demand for family accommodations, all of which contribute to elevated rental costs. Some of the most expensive areas to live in Cambridge include Newnham, Grange Road, and Queen Edith’s, renowned for their proximity to the University, elegant properties, and sought-after residential settings.


Edinburgh secures its position as the third most expensive city to rent with kids in the UK, propelled by its captivating blend of historical charm and cultural richness. Family-friendly accommodations cost an average of £2,480. The New Town, Murrayfield, and Morningside are among the most expensive areas to live in Edinburgh, they are all renowned for their upscale properties, central locations, and desirable residential features.

The Most Budget-Friendly Cities for Renting with Kids in the UK

RankCityAverage Rent Prices for a 2-Bed Flat (£pcm)
1St Helens£657

St. Helens secures its position as the cheapest town to rent with children with an average of £657 for a 2-bed flat, which is £3,461 less than the average in London. The supply of affordable housing enables cost-effective living expenses providing families with comfortable living. Among the top neighbourhoods in St. Helens are Eccleston, offering a peaceful suburban setting, and Thatto Heath, known for its family-oriented amenities.


Darlington secures its position as the second cheapest city to rent with kids with the average price of £675 for a 2-bed flat. The finest residential areas in Darlington include Eastbourne for its family-oriented amenities, Haughton for its quiet suburban living, and Whinfield for its modern conveniences, offering families affordable yet quality living options in a welcoming environment.

Sunderland ranks as the third cheapest city to rent with kids, as renting a 2-bed flat costs on average £679. The best areas to live in Sunderland include Fulwell for its suburban charm, Ashbrooke for its historic appeal and proximity to the city centre, and Barnes for its tranquil residential atmosphere.

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