Thrive Money launches 30-day financial wellbeing

by | Dec 7, 2022

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Thrive Money, an online financial education platform founded by B Corp certified financial planning company First Wealth and lifestyle and content creator Zanna van Dijk, announces the launch of its new financial wellbeing programme this January. It will be the first in a series designed to help people secure financial freedom, achieve financial confidence and develop a positive and healthy relationship with money.

The 30 Day Financial Wellbeing Programme comprises seven no-nonsense modules featuring step-by-step exercises, activities and online videos designed to introduce and educate participants on the basics of financial planning.

The course spans budgeting, goal-setting, investments, pensions and savings with the final module introducing participants to a one-page financial plan. A comprehensive library of downloadable resources and evidence-based tools is available alongside a Facebook community group that has been set up to help participants support one another and stay accountable.


With 24 million adults admitting they don’t feel comfortable managing their money, Thrive Money was founded earlier this summer to break down the barriers that currently exist through practical and accessible information and guidance from a team of qualified financial professionals.

Its mission is to democratise access to financial planning for underrepresented and marginalised groups who have been let down by traditional financial institutions through free personal finance tips, webinars, and now, digital courses.

Thrive Money currently provides content and guidance through a dedicated Instagram channel, fortnightly newsletter and a programme of live events. Over 90% of Thrive Money’s followers are women.


Co-founder Zanna van Dijk says, “I launched Thrive Money with First Wealth because I am passionate about wellbeing in all senses, not just moving our bodies and nourishing them with wholesome food, but mental and financial wellness too. Everyone is talking about reducing stress, but nobody is talking about how money plays into this. It is one of the biggest sources of pressure and anxiety for the majority of the population. If we can reach these people and give them educational tools, like our easy-to-follow online course, we hope to empower them to take control of their finances and vastly improve their wellbeing. As a woman, I am hugely passionate about tackling the glaring gender pay gap, gender savings gap and gender wealth gap. I hope that Thrive Money can give more women the resources they need to push for the equality they deserve.”

Robert Caplan, director, First Wealth and co-founder, Thrive Money, says: “As the founder of an award-winning financial planning company I truly believe in, and have seen first hand that, great financial planning can change people’s lives for the better. I also, however, understand that the clients I deal with day to day do not represent the majority of people and that for most, high quality and reliable advice is out of reach. Thrive Money is our solution to this problem as we strive to close the advice gap. Almost all low cost financial advice in the UK is product led and aims to sell something. Thrive Money will look to deliver the fundamentals of proper financial planning in an engaging and low cost environment through the launch of our new digital online courses, live events and webinars. We will improve people’s relationship with money and ultimately enhance their financial wellbeing through creating a community where like-minded individuals who have been let down by the financial institutions can share their experiences and

Thrive Money is supported by a team of financial advisors and client managers at First Wealth as part of the company’s commitment to using the power of business to solve social and environmental challenges by making financial advice accessible to everyone.


As part of this, Thrive Money is partnering with GAIN – Girls are Investors – to offer 100 of its students complimentary access to the programme as part of the charity’s mission to improve gender diversity in investment management by building a talent pipeline of entry-level female and non-binary candidates.

The Thrive Money 30 Day Financial Wellbeing Programme will be available to download from 31st January 2023 at and will cost £199 + VAT.

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