Using smoothed With Profits within financial planning solutions

In this series of four case studies Wesleyan looks at how using smoothed With Profits can help deliver effective financial planning solutions for your clients.

They have introduced a modern version of With Profits to the smoothed fund market – a transparent life and pension fund that has been specifically designed for financial advisers, available via independent wrap platforms.

By homing in on some key areas of financial planning, they look at how these types of investments can benefit a range of clients, including those still working with mortgages, as well as those approaching or already in retirement.


Having chosen a variety of different scenarios they explore how With Profits investments can support multiple client scenarios, including the repayment of a mortgage, the lead-up to retirement, taking a retirement income and managing volatility in times of economic uncertainty.

These case studies aim to share practical solutions that can be easily implemented across a range of different client types and circumstances.

Read and download your copy below:

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