Wesleyan: Putting investors’ needs first

by | Mar 20, 2023

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Wesleyan, the financial services mutual that has stood strong for over 180 years, is focused on putting investors’ and fund holders’ needs first – not those of shareholders. Their financial strength underpins their investment philosophy and beliefs – as well as their smoothed pricing process – which sit at the heart of their investment strategy for their With Profits Fund.

Run by an award-winning team, Wesleyan’s With Profits Growth Fund Series A aims to deliver long-term growth while smoothing the ups and downs of investing.

Smoothed Investments to offer peace of mind

The Wesleyan With Profits Fund offers advisers and their clients a simple, easy to understand fund structure. A smoothed pricing process lies at the heart of their investment strategy for the fund, which minimises the impact of the peaks and troughs of market performance.


Without shareholders, Wesleyan can put the needs of its investors first.

The fund offers the benefits of daily pricing, daily trading, AND daily smoothing. There are no market value reductions (MVRs), as a result of the way the Wesleyan smoothing process operates. In particular, for those clients taking regular income from their fund, Wesleyan believe that their smoothing approach can provide mitigation for sequencing risk.

In order to reduce short-term fluctuations in the value of a client’s investment, the full amount of the investment returns, and other profits and losses, are not passed on as they arise.


Instead, Wesleyan apply any changes to the value of the investment steadily over time and in periods of good investment returns, they may keep back some of the return. This is then gradually applied to the investment and can be used to cushion the fall in periods of poorer investment returns.

In the long term on average, they aim to pass on to each investment, all of the investment returns attributable to the With Profits Fund.

Wesleyan’s With Profits Fund is managed by their in-house, award-winning, Investments Team consisting of Fund Managers, Property Managers, Analysts and support staff. With over 150 years of combined experience between them, the team works with the aim of outperforming the markets.


The team operates a long-term, contra-cyclical investment approach, and maintains diverse portfolios across all asset classes to diversify risk.

Wesleyan’s investment philosophy and beliefs

Wesleyan is dedicated to maximising the financial returns for investors by using their expertise to steer their funds through any market-shaping events or volatility.

To help guide this objective, they have defined Investment Beliefs which underpin their strategy. These are subject to annual review and any changes are approved at Board level.


Here’s what they say:

For more information about Wesleyan, download the special supplement here

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