Women Take Lead Over Men When It Comes to Investment Decisions

by | Apr 14, 2016

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New research suggests that UK women are in control when it comes to their domestic finances. The figures reveal that well over half of female investors say that they take the lead in their household when it comes to making investment decisions.

But, the figures also show that one in three women feel unable to talk about stocks and shares.

The research was commissioned by The Share Centre.


It showed that 60% of women investors take the lead on ISA investing, compared to 28% who rely on their husband, or partner. Just 12% make investment decisions jointly. Also, a quarter of female investors have previously dealt on behalf of a male relative or partner.

The odd thing thrown up by the research is that although women are dominant when it comes to investment decisions, only 27% of female investors said they would feel confident when talking about the stock market. Although, 43% did feel that they know enough to get their point across. Almost one in three say they wouldn’t know where to start.

As for the reasons why investment decisions are made, the report says that it comes as no surprise that 63% of female ISA investors are investing for retirement. Secondary goals are investing for children and for a rainy day.


Chief Executive of The Share Centre Richard Stone said: “Finance has traditionally been seen as a male-dominated sphere, so we were keen to find out the views of our female investors.

“It is heartening to learn that 60% of women take the lead with their ISA investments, with 12% involved in joint decision-making with their partners. Taking the upper hand, 25% of the women surveyed stated that they deal on behalf of their male relative or partner. This presents a challenge to all service providers to ensure their services meet the investing needs and concerns of women, and not just the male-dominated audience.”

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