A Rare Tipple Costs More As Demand Increases

by | Aug 31, 2015

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Rare whisky values are booming as demand increases.

This is the conclusion of whisky analyst, broker and investment experts Rare Whisky 101. They report that in the first six months of the year 20,638 bottles of single malt Scotch whisky sold in the UK on the open market, an increase of 5,374 bottles and a 35% increase on the same period last year. And compared to the first half of last year, the value of collectables sold at auction grew 33.8% to £4.604m.

The latest whisky market figures also show that the continued growth of the whisky secondary market contrasts with the fortunes of the primary market, where whisky exports have seen values fall over the past year.


Andy Simpson, who co-founded Rare Whisky 101 and is a whisky investment analyst, said: “Demand for rare whisky and the supply of bottles at auction are both accelerating at an extraordinary rate, and this is driving up values. Even using the broadest metrics of the top 1000 bottles, we have seen a dramatic and dynamic rise in values since 2008 to end June 2015.

“Demand for desirable single malt Scotch brands and previously discontinued bottles remains exceptionally strong. The dead hand of marketing is gaining an ever tighter grip on the single malt category, where retail releases are becoming non-age stated (NAS) and the number of bottles ever more prolific.  The dearth of truly collectable releases over recent years has only fuelled demand for older and discontinued past releases where quality and rarity are powerful motivations for purchase.

“For many in the broader Scotch industry, export and sales figures appear challenging. However, the secondary market for rarities shows little of this stress. We view this as a clear future trend, with the value of scarcity increasing demand from connoisseurs, collectors and investors.”


See table below for the Rare Whisky 101 top 30 brands:


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