Today's news from Neil Davies, Head of Trading, PlutusFX

GBP/USD 1.6643– Sterling continues to strengthen. BoE governor refines forward guidance and suggests rates will remain low, likely to be now more than 2% by 2017.

USD/BRL 2.42 – The government’s failure to meet its fiscal targets and doubts over its ability to repeat last year’s GDP surplus of 1.9% continues to add pressure to the Real.


GBP/EUR 1.2178 – The jobless rate in Greece reaches a record high of 28%, with 61% of those under 25 unemployed.

USD/Bitcoin 650.67 – Now 35% off the all-time high. Flaws in the currencies underlying software exposed by one of its largest trading exchanges

USD/JPY 102 – Focus falls again on the huge public debt burden of in excess of one quadrillion Yen, the interest on which eats up over 50% of all tax revenues.


AUD/USD 0.896 – Reserve Bank of Australia expects growth to pick up in 2014 to somewhere between 2.25 and 3.25%, ahead of its own forecast last November.

EUR/CHF 1.22  – The referendum vote to install strict limits on immigration may ultimately weaken the EU trading relationship and damage the Franc

USD/CAD 1.099– The impact of the Canadian Oil Sands is larger than expected and with production doubling by 2025 should bring long term strength for the CAD


EUR/ZAR 11.07 – South Africa’s hike in its rate policy fails to stop the continued sell off in the Rand

GBP/SCP ? – Floating rate for the Scottish pound currently in mid air

Neil Davies, Head of Trading, PlutusFX


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