Election 2024 – Readers views on some of the elections main investment topics revealed

As GBI & IFA Magazine’s weekly question series polls power ahead, our most recent question series for our audience focused once again on a diverse range of influential topics being widely discussed within the financial services industry. Our most recent poll focused on the one topic occupying any major media outlet in the past week, the UK general election. Whilst we know now that Labour secured the win by a landslide, and Keir Starmer’s government secured the keys to number 10, before the announcement was made, we asked our readers their views on a number of election topics such as the party they find to be the most favourable when it comes to tax-efficient investments, the outcome of the election on tax policies, and which type of investment they currently find the most attractive. The results of the questions have since been revealed and are listed below!

1)Which party’s policies do you believe are most favourable for tax-efficient investments? (conservative, labour, lib dem, green, other)

With a number of political parties running to claim number 10, we asked our participants which party’s policies they believe to be the most favourable for tax-efficient investments, a considerable majority favoured Labour with 60% of the votes swaying towards Keir Starmers policies. A lesser percentage of the vote steered towards a Conservative Outlook, with 30% opting for the parties policies on tax-efficient investments, and the remaining 10% opting for a Liberal Democrat approach in regards to their investment policies.


2) How do you think the outcome of the UK election will impact tax policies on investments? (improve, no impact, worsen)

When asked whether they believe that the outcome of the UK election will impact tax policies on investments, the vast majority of participants voted that they believe that the outcome of the election would have little to no impact on tax policies in this area. A stark 90% in fact believe that the change in government would have a detrimental impact in regards to policies on tax within investing, with a much smaller percentage of 10% voting that they believe the outcome of the very recent election would alternatively improve tax policies.


3) Which type of tax-efficient investment do clients currently find most attractive? (ISA, pension, VCT, EIS, other)

Participants voted to make clear which type of tax-efficient investment that they find the most attractive, with 70% voting that they currently find ISA’s the most attractive, followed by VCT’s with 20% of participants selecting this investment choice, and the remaining 10% being drawn to EIS.

With the new labour government taking power for the first time in 14 years, only time will truly tell the impact that the implementation of a new government with a new range of policies will have within the investment sector.


As always, we would like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of our readers and followers who got involved with our most recent question series poll, we highly value being able to gain insight into our readers views and thoughts on many of the factors influencing our industry, so be sure to keep an eye out on our GBI Magazine, and IFA Magazine Twitter accounts next week for our next questions of focus! 

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