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Experts Explain How to Know When Windows Need Replacing

by | Dec 9, 2023

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  • Experts at Express Bi-Folding Doors have revealed how to know when your windows need replacing. 

Windows are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a home – letting natural light in, whilst their glazing helps keep the cold out and ensuring your home stays warm in winter. 

However, unfortunately – like most things, there comes a time where your windows will probably need replacing, but sometimes it can be difficult to tell if they need replacing or not. 

With this in mind – Showroom Stylist, Jade Oliver at Express Bi-Folding Doors has pulled together a handy guide on how to know when you need to replace your windows. 


How Long Do Windows Usually Last?

Determining the exact lifespan of a window can be challenging, as different components may require replacement at different intervals. For example, your window frames may be fine but the glazing might need replacing due to cracks or damaged sealing. 

The industry standard for how long double glazing windows last is 10 years, but with proper maintenance and care they can last up to double that. windows can be a pricey investment; it’s definitely not recommended to get windows with a warranty lower than this if you’d like to get your money’s worth. Another important factor to consider when thinking if you need to replace your windows is the material of your frames. 

  • Wood: Timber frames, known for their traditional appeal, can last up to 50 years with regular maintenance, such as applying fresh coats of paint and varnish.
  • uPVC: Common in modern builds, uPVC frames typically need replacement after approximately 15 years.
  • Aluminium: With excellent durability and weather resistance, aluminium window frames can last 40 years or more, requiring minimal maintenance.

Recognizing Signs for Window Replacement

As mentioned, replacing your windows can be an expensive investment, so it’s important to be absolutely sure your windows need replacing if you feel like you’re not 100% ready to commit to the cost. Some of the key things to look for are: 

  • Water in the frame: Condensation between glazing panes suggests broken seals, compromising insulation and soundproofing.
  • Loose or tight opening: Difficulties in opening or closing windows may indicate damaged hinges, affecting functionality.
  • Warped frames: Exposure to harsh weather and poor sealing can cause frame warping, leading to drafts, leaks, and potential rot and mold growth.
  • Obvious drafts: Noticeable drafts around windows contribute to colder rooms and increased heating costs.
  • Frame rot: Spotting rot and mold patches around windows signifies broken seals and water damage to the frame.

How often should windows be replaced? 


Under proper care, some windows may last past their advertised shelf life – so there’s no need to replace them straight away. If there are no blindly obvious problems you should be fine, and if a certain part of your window is beginning to wear out, then it might be more cost-effective to replace that specific part of your window if possible. 

“Windows are not only functional elements but also significant contributors to the overall comfort and aesthetics of a home. Understanding when and why windows may need replacement is essential to maintaining a cozy and energy-efficient living space”says Jade.

“There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the lifespan of windows. Different factors, such as materials, maintenance, and climate, play crucial roles in determining how long windows can serve their purpose effectively. As experts in the industry, we always recommend investing in high-quality double-glazing, and using a company who offer a full supply and fit service, this means if there are any issues within the ten-year time frame they’re covered by the guarantee, and it’s usually a simple fix for the supplier”


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