Forecasting Millionaire Migration Trends in 2024

by | Nov 14, 2023

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High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) are projected to pursue citizenship by investment at a rapidly increasing rate in 2024. Notably, Global Google searches for “citizenship by investment” spiked 40% in Q2 2023. Intrigued, investment migration firm Latitude World analyzed the sharp rebound in millionaire migration since the peak of the pandemic to forecast 2024 trends. According to their estimation, over 100,000 individuals with $1 million or more of investable wealth are expected to relocate to new countries in 2024.

Key highlights include:

  • Africa is now home to the most rapidly-growing population of millionaires with the number expected to double to 768,000 by 2027
  • Anguilla’s $150,000 residency by investment program is not only the most cost-effective in the Caribbean, it’s among the very most affordable in the world
  • A 50-50 split between Democrats and Republicans characterizes the growing group of US Americans pursuing investment migration

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