HBSC UK data reveals a nation of investors

by | Mar 25, 2024

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  • Two in five Brits have investments (38%) with stocks and shares the most popular
  • Northerners are more likely to invest in whiskey and stamps, whereas those in the south put their money on art and trainers.
  • HSBC customers are investing mostly to buy a home, followed by saving for a holiday or travel.

Two in five Brits have investments (38%) with stocks and shares the most popular, according to HSBC UK research, followed by property (20%), funds (19%) and bonds (18%). More than one in ten (12%) say they invest in jewellery, and nearly one in five are putting their money into cryptocurrency (18%).

Investing behaviours differ across the UK with Edinburgh the most popular place for whiskey investments (20%), stamps attracting the most investors in Liverpool (11%) and Southampton a hotspot for investing in trainers (9%).

Despite people exploring alternative forms of investment, stocks and shares is still the preferred choice. Nearly (47%) of consumers invest in stocks and shares because they expect good return – an increase of 15% on last year. As tax year end approaches on 5 April, over 7,000 HSBC UK customers have already maxed out their stocks and share ISA allowance.


More than half the UK population (52%) say they feel investing is a better way of making the most of their money in the current economic climate than saving (up from 47% in 2022).

The HSBC UK research also found a third of consumers get their information on investing from social media (34%) with one in five (20%) getting it from their bank.

Rebecca Owers, Director of Wealth Distribution at HSBC UK, said: “Spring is a great time to review your finances and it’s important to consider options like investing, alongside ISAs and savings accounts.”


HSBC UK customers can make a plan for achieving their long-term financial goals and set aside money each month to invest, via the Investment Goals feature on the HSBC app.

Since the launch last September, HSBC UK customers have created 28,893 investment goals with 2,770 investment accounts opened as a result. Popular goals include buying a home, starting a business and saving for a child’s education.

Rebecca added: “Goal setting is a great way to focus on what you want to get out of life. For financial goals, a well thought out plan is key to success. 


“Investment Goals can help customers with an emergency fund and who are able to invest, stay on track with their ambitions.”

Top 5 investment goals (HSBC UK customer data)

  1. Buying a home
  2. Travel/holidays
  3. Buying a car
  4. Starting a business
  5. Child’s education

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