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Hodge announces further rate cuts across its mortgage range 

by | Nov 17, 2023

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Hodge is making another reduction across its range of 50+ and RIO mortgage products this month.

Rates across all of its 50+ mortgages are dropping by up to 0.20%, and by as much as 0.15% on its RIO range of products.

Rates on its professional mortgage product range are also set to decrease by up to 0.20% when the changes come into effect next week.


The latest rates, as of 9am, Wednesday November 22nd, are:

ProductMax LTVProduct FeeCurrent rateNew rateDifferenceCurrent product code
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed75%£9956.90%6.70%-0.20%51784
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed (fee free)75%£07.05%6.85%-0.20%51785
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed75%£9956.40%6.20%-0.20%51786
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed (fee free)75%£06.55%6.35%-0.20%51787
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed75%£1,4956.70%6.50%-0.20%51788
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed75%£1,9956.60%6.40%-0.20%51789
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed75%£1,4956.30%6.10%-0.20%51790
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed75%£1,9956.20%6.00%-0.20%51791
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed85%£9957.10%6.90%-0.20%51792
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed (fee free)85%£07.25%7.05%-0.20%51793
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed85%£9956.60%6.40%-0.20%51794
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed (fee free)85%£06.75%6.55%-0.20%51795
RIO Mortgage 2 year fixed75%£9956.85%6.80%-0.05%51822
RIO Mortgage 2 year fixed (fee free)75%£07.00%6.95%-0.05%51823
RIO Mortgage 5 year fixed75%£9956.55%6.40%-0.15%51824
RIO Mortgage 5 year fixed (fee free)75%£06.70%6.55%-0.15%51825
Professional Mortgage 2 year fixed80%£1,4956.70%6.50%-0.20%51766
Professional Mortgage 5 year fixed80%£1,4956.50%6.40%-0.10%51767
Professional Mortgage 2 year fixed90%£1,4956.75%6.55%-0.20%51768
Professional Mortgage 5 year fixed90%£1,4956.55%6.45%-0.10%51769

Emma Graham, business development director at Hodge, said: “These rate reductions are the latest in just a series of improvements we’ve made at Hodge in recent months to support borrowers with affordability and other issues affecting the market right now.

“As the markets have continued to settle, we have been able to continue implementing a number of changes to our products in response, which put us in a position to remain flexible to support the needs of our intermediary partners, and the customers they work with.


“This latest reduction in rates comes hot off the heels of a previous reduction in rates across our 50+ mortgages in mid-October, and so we’re really pleased to be able to improve upon this offering just a month later,” Emma continued.

“We have worked hard in the past few months to help ease the pressure imposed on our brokers and their customers by the current market and difficulties around affordability, which we know is restrictive for many at the moment. This has seen us increase LTI and reduce stress rates across our range.

“These latest rate reductions are yet another reflection of the continued work we are doing to support our intermediary partners in turn to carry on helping their clients in those moments that matter,” Emma added.


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