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Hodge cuts rates on its 50+ and RIO Mortgage product range

Hodge is reducing rates across a selection of its 50+ and Retirement Interest Only (RIO) Mortgages by as much as 0.26%.

The specialist lender is reducing the interest on a range of its 2-year and 5-year fixed rate products, available to new and existing customers.

As of this Thursday (July 11th), rates on Hodge’s 50+ and RIO product ranges are as follows: 

ProductMax LTVProduct FeeCurrent rateNew rateDifference
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed75%£9956.55%6.35%-0.20%
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed (fee free)75%£06.70%  
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed75%£9956.05%5.95%-0.10%
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed (fee free)75%£06.20%6.10%-0.10%
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed75%£1,4956.35%6.15%-0.20%
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed75%£1,9956.25%6.05%-0.20%
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed75%£1,4955.85%5.75%-0.10%
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed75%£1,9955.75%5.65%-0.10%
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed85%£9956.85%  
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed (fee free)85%£07.00%  
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed85%£9956.35%  
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed (fee free)85%£06.50%  
RIO Mortgage 2 year fixed75%£9956.75%  
RIO Mortgage 2 year fixed (fee free)75%£06.90%  
RIO Mortgage 5 year fixed75%£9956.25%5.99%-0.26%
RIO Mortgage 5 year fixed (fee free)75%£06.40%6.14%-0.26%
HBTL Mortgage 2 year fixed75%£9957.00%  
HBTL Mortgage 2 year fixed (fee free)75%£07.25%  
Professional Mortgage 2 year fixed80%£1,4956.50%  
Professional Mortgage 5 year fixed80%£1,4956.40%  
Professional Mortgage 2 year fixed90%£1,4956.65%  
Professional Mortgage 5 year fixed90%£1,4956.55%  

Emma Graham, business development manager at Hodge, said: “We’ve implemented these changes to give our brokers and their customers greater choice as the market settles and rates continue to fall.

“We’re hoping these latest rate reductions will help our intermediary partners serve customers requiring specialist mortgage solutions, with competitive rates on our market-leading 50+ and RIO mortgages.”

For more information on Hodge’s full range of mortgage products visit: 


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