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Movera set to grow its conveyancing teams by over 100

by | May 14, 2024

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Major home moving group Movera is set to grow its conveyancing teams by over 100 this year as part of its overall business strategy. The plans follow Movera’s rebranding last autumn which brought together seven home moving brands from across the sector, including ONP Solicitors, CLG and Grindeys. 

Movera currently employs 600 people across the country and processes over 300,000 conveyancing transactions a year. Its seven businesses operate independently but are all enabled and supported by Movera and its platform technology. 

ONP Solicitors employs over 300 people at its Stockport offices, and 39 in Leeds. Grindeys Conveyancing in Stoke-on-Trent employs 77 while CLG in London employs 65. 


Movera is now planning to boost its teams by over 100, supported by its investment in technology and learning and development. While it will continue to recruit experienced conveyancers, it is also actively recruiting those who want a conveyancing career but who are not qualified lawyers. It will offer recruits without formal qualifications free, in-house training at its own academy. 

Set up last year, the Movera Academy offers extensive learning pathways. These include four-week courses for those with experience, 16-week courses for those with no conveyancing experience, and shorter skills courses and workshops such as learning on I.T applications, customer service skills and management development. Its learning and development team has grown from just one a year ago to five, and will expand to include an additional four trainers by the end of the year. 

Movera has also invested over £5m over in the past year in industry-leading technology to make work easier, more rewarding and more enjoyable. The speed and simplicity of its integrated systems mean that its bonuses, based on the number of case numbers handled, are easy to achieve. Automation has eradicated many of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks expected of case managers at other conveyancing firms. 


Nick Hale, Movera’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We’re on the lookout for brilliant people to help us create better home moving experiences. One of our key aims is to level the playing field and create career opportunities for everyone. Our culture is collaborative and fun and we believe in ‘working better by working smarter’, which makes for a more rewarding and varied workload and our attractive bonus targets achievable. Our teams tell us that the user-friendliness and ease of our technology, systems, and processes are among the many reasons they prefer working at Movera over other firms.” 

In addition to bonuses, Movera has introduced an extensive benefits package which, along with standard benefits, includes a moving in day off, a ‘guilt-free days off’ for new returning parents, and volunteering days.

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