New study reveals why having office plants can improve productivity in the workplace

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Easy Offices has released a new study explaining the benefits of having plants in the workplace. These include aspects such as productivity, stress levels, health and wellbeing and creativity. 

Several studies have shown a correlation between green space and general wellbeing. Biophilic office design, the act of bringing the outdoors into the work environment, has grown in popularity in recent years. Around 70% of people say plants improve the atmosphere at home and in the office, while 31% say greenery and plants help them concentrate while working.

Increased productivity


The first-ever study on the topic revealed that plants in the office could increase productivity by 15%. When considering air quality, workplace satisfaction and productivity in ‘lean’ offices versus ‘green’ ones, quality of life and productivity increased across the board.

Reduced stress

While many people take to gardening as a stress buster, a green workspace can produce a similar impact. A study concluded that plants in your home or office could make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. The colour green is strongly associated with nature, which reduces stress and promotes feelings of calm and tranquillity. Introducing more of the colour green by adding plenty of houseplants is a fun and alternative way to reduce stress.


Better health and wellbeing

We already know plants in the office improve wellbeing, which positively impacts both physical and mental health. One study showed it could improve air humidity, create the perception of a more comfortable temperature, and improve mood. The same study also revealed that a greener office space could reduce sick days per person, per year, by up to 1.6 days.

Reduced noise levels


The acoustic benefits of plants help reduce noise, which is vital for hybrid workers who work at home and in offices. Plants absorb sound, reduce echoes and help to minimise distractions. Placing a few large houseplants around the edges or corners of your office is the best way to use them to your advantage.

Boosted creativity

We all know the benefits of nature in the real world, but did you know that looking at plants can help your brain function differently and make you feel more relaxed, focused and creative? A study by Human Spaces found that employees whose offices included natural elements scored 15% higher for creativity than those without.


Which plants are good for the office?

According to Easy Offices – any plant will help you experience some of the benefits outlined above, but you’ll need to consider your workspace before you decide on the exact plants you’re going to include. Some thrive in different conditions to others, and some require more maintenance. Choosing the best indoor office plants for your space is essential, especially if you don’t want to replace them every few months!

Plants that do well in office lighting: Plants that don’t require much natural light and don’t need to be placed in direct sunlight generally do well in an office – Chinese Evergreen and Cast Iron plants are great examples that thrive in various conditions. Peace lilies are a good option, as they can also thrive in office fluorescent light.


Low maintenance plants: Succulents and cacti make excellent office desk plants. Succulents are pretty hardy plants and can survive in various conditions. Just be sure to provide some lighting and a well-draining potting mix.

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