Peace of Mind in Retirement

by | Feb 11, 2015

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Andrew Pike, Head of Intermediary Relationships at NS&I, talks about their 65+ Guaranteed Growth Bonds:         

Having worked hard all their lives to save, investors want peace of mind and a good return on their money, especially in their retirement. That’s why NS&I is giving them a special opportunity to earn the returns they deserve with our 65+ Guaranteed Growth Bonds.

With a choice of 1 year or 3 year terms, your clients can invest from £500 up to £10,000 per person in each term. So a couple can invest a total of £40,000 if they each invest in both terms.


Your clients can get more information and apply for the Bond online at, or by post or phone.

Full details of our new Bonds, including  terms and conditions and  application forms to download and print for your clients, can be found on our dedicated website – the Adviser Centre – at

About NS&I


NS&I has been looking after the nation’s finances for over 150 years and we are trusted by many millions of savers and investors.

Today we’re one of the UK’s largest savings organisations with over 25 million customers and over £100 billion securely invested. About 300,000 of our customers have over £50,000 invested with us.

We offer a range of products, some of which are unique to NS&I and also tax-free, and all the money invested with us is 100% secure as we are backed by HM Treasury. All of this means that NS&I products can provide a secure foundation to any financial plan.


Financial advisers tell us that when recommending NS&I to their clients, the peace of mind provided by our security is so positively viewed by clients that it helps engender trust in the adviser themselves.

Getting the right balance

As you will know, the typical balanced investment portfolio comprises  shares, corporate bonds, some property, and of course – cash. Given that investors’ desire not to lose money can be greater than their desire for gain, the overall structure of an investment portfolio is important. Due to its greater security, cash is widely regarded as the solid base which underpins a successful portfolio. A healthy proportion of your client’s money in cash based products can help deliver consistent returns and offsets the effects of market volatility, particularly in the short to medium term.

NS&I offer a range of products which are designed to be the bedrock of everyone’s savings and investments portfolio – the most well-known of these being Premium Bonds.
Our unique security guarantee reassures customers that all money invested with us is completely safe and secure, even above the FSCS limit of £85,000.

Also, some of our products can be held in a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS), or in Trusts.

Key facts

£100 billion Invested in NS&I
25 million Customers with investments in NS&I
£4,055,000 With the products that are on sale, the amount an individual can currently invest with NS&I
£55,000 The amount that can be invested tax-free in NS&I. Additionally those clients’ with Savings Certificates can renew at maturity
785,000 Index-linked Savings Certificates customers
770,000 Investors with more than £30,000 of Premium Bonds

Figures correct as at January 2015.

Bespoke services for financial advisers

NS&I places high importance on its relationships with financial advice firms and their clients, and is constantly looking at ways to form closer ties with advisers, planners and paraplanners. As a result we have set up the following dedicated services:

  • The ‘Adviser Centre’ – a dedicated website for advisers, planners and paraplanners –
  • Adviser Helpline – 0800 092 1228*
  • Experienced staff – average length of service is more than 10 years
  • Get through to our UK based team
  • You can now call us any time, we’re here every day
  • A dedicated email address  –

*Calls from mobiles and some landline providers may not be free. Calls may be recorded.

Financial Advisers can register for NS&I email updates at to hear about the latest NS&I product launches, rate changes and other useful news, usually sent promptly on the day of any public announcement. Join over 20,000 advisers, planners and paraplanners who are already receiving regular email updates from NS&I and benefiting from our dedicated support.

Watch out for some exciting enhancements to our proposition for financial advisers in the coming months.

Andrew Pike manages NS&I’s key relationships with the intermediary market, including the professional bodies, and oversees NS&I’s overall proposition for financial planners and paraplanners.

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