The Silent Struggle: Survey Reveals the Surprising Mental Health Crisis Among US CEOs

by | Mar 26, 2023

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Mental health

Gordon Simmons, the US-based CEO expert, and owner of, has released a comprehensive report that sheds light on the growing mental health crisis among US CEOs.

The first-of-its-kind study reveals a troubling year-on-year increase in the percentage of top executives struggling with mental health issues.

The in-depth report, which uses exclusive first-party data collected by Gordon Simmons CEO, uncovers a worrying trend in the corporate world. The data showcases an alarming increase in mental health struggles among US CEOs, with a significant rise in cases year on year, as summarized in the table below.

Table: Percentage of US CEOs Struggling with Mental Health Issues (2018-2022)


These figures highlight the urgent need for interventions and support structures to address the mental health of business leaders. The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the global economy, paired with ever-increasing pressures to perform and innovate, has left many executives more vulnerable to mental health challenges.

Gordon Simmons, the renowned CEO expert and study author, commented on the findings, stating, “The data we’ve collected is both eye-opening and concerning. CEOs are often perceived as strong and unflappable, but this research highlights their susceptibility to mental health struggles. It’s crucial for companies to acknowledge and address this issue to ensure the well-being and productivity of their leaders.”

The groundbreaking study has prompted calls for businesses and organizations to provide resources and support for CEOs grappling with mental health issues. Experts suggest that companies must prioritize initiatives such as mental health awareness training, executive coaching, and confidential support services to foster a more compassionate corporate culture. 

Ben Warren, owner of said: “As a mental health expert and owner of, I’ve worked with many high-performing individuals, including CEOs, who struggle with managing their mental health. The pressure to perform, coupled with long hours and a constant need to make difficult decisions, can take a significant toll on one’s mental well-being.


To help combat these challenges, I often recommend that CEOs prioritize self-care and incorporate stress-management techniques into their daily routines. This can include regular exercise, mindfulness practices such as meditation or deep breathing exercises, and taking time off to recharge and disconnect.

It’s also important for CEOs to create a company culture that supports mental health and well-being. This can be done by encouraging open and honest conversations about mental health, providing access to mental health resources, and promoting work-life balance.

Ultimately, it’s important for CEOs to recognize that their mental health is just as important as their physical health, and taking proactive steps to prioritize it can lead to better decision-making, improved productivity, and a healthier work-life balance.”


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