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Welcome to this, our first edition of IFA Magazine in 2024. Please don’t worry, we’ve not gone all “Toy Story’ on you and Buzz Lightyear is not about to make his first appearance on the pages of our esteemed publication! 

However, as if 2023 and Consumer Duty wasn’t enough, it’s clear that 2024 is already shaping up to be a year packed full of challenges, where advisers and their teams will need to be on their ‘A’ game. 

Why? 2024 is set to be the biggest global election year in history, with around half of the world’s population expected to go to the polls this year, in what is likely to be a massive test for democracy as well as for asset allocators and wealth managers. Add in the numerous geo-political events, wars, cost of living and climate crises and continuing economic uncertainty and it’s clear that advisers will need to be at their most adaptable and flexible – as well as being well informed. And that’s all in addition to the constant flow of regulatory updates and changes that we have all come to expect – and appreciate of course!!  


Helping to keep you informed is where we at IFA Magazine can help out. We do hope you’ll keep turning the pages of this monthly magazine, listening to our weekly IFA Talk podcasts and regular webinars etc. The bulk of our analysis, news and thought leadership content is posted each day here on www.IFAMagazine.com as well as on our social media channels – which we’re chuffed to see more and more of you seem to be enjoying. 

‘Dear Regulator’      

This month, we’re introducing a new series of articles where our friends at The Timebank will be sharing their take on the “Dear CEO…” letters that come out of the FCA, starting with a look at scams. On the subject of the Regulator, late last year the FCA announced details of their Advice Guidance Boundary Review. It’s clearly a matter of importance for everyone involved in the sector, so we’ve compiled some of the reactions to the review from across the industry starting from page 22. 


Asset allocation analysis      

This edition contains a selection of opinions and analysis about the investment world too. This month we’re delving into emerging markets equities and into fixed income as well as MPS. 

To 2024 and beyond…      


Whether it’s the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), incorporating effective processes for building your business for the future or for specific areas such as dealing with vulnerabilities, there’s also plenty to get
you thinking amongst the following pages. 

Incorporating Mortgage and Property Magazine      

Last but not least, the cost of housing was certainly one of the biggest personal finance issues in 2023. It looks set to be hugely important in 2024 too. Our regular updates on mortgage and property markets are proving very popular with advisers, paraplanners and mortgage brokers alike. From page 45 onwards is just a snapshot of some of the great content you can find on our dedicated mortgage and property website section


Anyway, enough from me. It’s time to get a nice cup of your favourite beverage and settle down to have a read.
We hope you enjoy this edition, that it gives you ideas that can help shape your thinking on just some of the multitude of factors at play in the world of advice in 2024. 

Sue Whitbread
Editor, IFA Magazine

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