Inheritance Tax Solutions including Business Property Relief and AIM Investment (IHT/BPR/AIM)| Annual Report 2024

by | Feb 22, 2024

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Welcome to the Inheritance Tax Solutions (IHT/BPR/AIM) Research Report 2024, the fourth in our series of focused reports on the tax-efficient sector for this year.

By some measures you could argue that Inheritance Tax (IHT) isn’t such a big deal. IHT receipts comprise about 0.7% of our total tax receipts and around 0.3% of our national income. But these numbers shroud the significance of the total absolute tax take: the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) expects IHT to raise £7.2 billion in 2023-2024. This tax burden is growing due to a combination of wealth transfers, recent rises in asset values and the government’s decision to freeze IHT tax-free thresholds until 2027/2028.

With this in mind, IFA/GBI Magazine presents the Inheritance Tax Solutions report as a guide to advisers and their clients, helping present the tax-efficient options available to protect against the 40% IHT bill. We explore the ins-and-outs of Business Property Relief (BPR) and the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), and how these can be used to benefit client planning scenarios.


This report features industry-leading commentary from the likes of Praetura, Octopus Investments, and Blackfinch Ventures, all providing expert insight into the world of Inheritance Tax Solutions, alongside topical analysis and outlooks for what the future holds for BPR/AIM.

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